About Brady West

Born in Nebraska, raised in Florida. I grew up playing outside with all my friends, never playing video games, never looking for excuses to stay inside and watch TV.

The outdoors have always called to me.

I grew up around artistic family members and drew a lot as a kid. In high school, it only made sense to go to a graphic design college and pursue that career path. During college my love for being active and the outdoors fell to the wayside a little (college will do that to you). Shorty after finishing my internship, fresh out of college and the birth of my son, I decided to find this passion again, that started with running. I signed up for the Lucky Bucket 5K and started training shortly after that it was the Omaha Half Marathon and from there it kind of spiraled out of control.

Running was my return to the outdoors, and slowly my love for everything else outdoors came back: Skating, Fishing, Biking, Hiking, Paddle boarding–you name it.

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My work

Check out my portfolio of work. As you can see, I design in several different styles dependent upon the brand.